Greenhouse Project Update - Winter

Well it's been an interesting learning experience with the greenhouse in action. There have been some problems.

Roof design

The way the greenhouse plastic is fixed to the frames causes condensation to drip down under the frame joints. This has been a problem for mould which has started to become visible between where two panels meet.

I haven't come up with a solution for this as of yet as it may require a rethink of the roof design.

Door and Windows

They don't fit well. As it's a damp environment the wood, being pine, has a tendency to swell. This has caused the door and window frames to become stuck. I have attempted some tweaks on the prototype to solve this, but so far no solutions have worked. The solution is to redesign the doors and windows to have more clearance to allow for expansion and contraction.


Partially an accident, partially a design flaw. A week travelling interstate caused too much humidity to build up inside the greenhouse, coupled with some cold days, has caused the frames to grow black mould. The solution to which is a quick wash with bleach when the sun is out to clear it up. A roof vent or two on auto openers would also help with air circulation.

The last problem is outside my control, weather. It's been extremely cold and we've had very little sun. Although the greenhouse is effective at shielding the plants from frost and cold air, there hasn't been sufficient sun to warm the greenhouse to suitable temperatures.

The jury is still out, this was a unique experiment, and the research continues... Stay tuned.